Why Participate

CEA serves as a forum to recognize the efforts taken by the corporates in implementing innovation in the various domains and felicitating them for the same. CEA also is an excellent platform to interact with stalwarts from the industry and learn from their experiences. Following are the reasons why you should participate in CEA 2022:

  • CEA is a platform to showcase the best practices hence, increasing the visibility of the organization.

  • Feedback from eminent panellists helps in improving the existing processes

  • Opportunity to network with veterans in the industry

  • Valuable insights from the panellists, which could be used for the process improvement and implemented in the future

  • An invaluable opportunity to get insights into the best practices followed by other organizations in the same, or different industry, thereby a great learning.

To view what past participants say about CEA, log onto www.sixsigma.scmhrd.edu